Tech Support

Build New Computer  (Tell me what you want and we will build the computer from scratch)

Clean-up old computer  (From blowing out the dust to cleaning up viruses / spyware to full blown format & reload)

Data Recovery  (Can't retrieve the files on your computer?  I'll help bring them back.)

MISC Tech Support 

PLEASE NOTE:  All software / hardware must be owned by you.  I do not provide you with any software / hardware from my collection.

BASIC PRICING STRUCTURE - Subject to change but will be finalized before any work begins

Bench Fee = $30  (This is charged no matter what happens, even if we decide not to do anything.  Basically my time.)
Standard Setup = $20  (This is basically formatting the system, installing the OS, patching to current, setting up any required drivers, & installing your required apps.)
Hardware Install = $10  (Need to add a new item to your system?  (video card, capture card, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, etc)  This will cover it and get them working.)
Transfer Files = $10  (If you need me to copy important files / photos off your system before formating it for a new setup, this is the cost.  Covers virus scanning & storage.)
Create Recovery Disk = $10  (After system is ready to go, I can make a "ghost" of your system.  This way if something goes wrong we can bring it back quickly.)
File Recovery Basic = $20  (Deleted something and need it back?  Virus / Spyware is holding your data for "ransom"?  This covers that.)
File Recovery Advanced = $40  (Your hard drive is dying and you really need those files?  It can take time but usually it can still be recovered.)

Accepting Visa Mastercard AMEX Discover via Square

That covers the basics.  Any other charges will be discussed before work proceeds.  No surprises.